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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  April 12, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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under armour logo. that looked hot. great company. >> the real life nba will be a bestseller. suzy is a great golfer, too. next "cavuto on business." another release from gitmo a no-no? i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. after we gave him up, u.s. officials helping to hunt him down. a release guantanamo detainee arrested in uganda over the killing of a prosecutor there trying a terror case there time to stop letting these gitmo guys go? . >> more than 100 known terrorists that left gitmo are back on the playing field. they are determined to do serious damage. i have the list sitting right here. that doesn't even include suspected ones.
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it is illogical and nonsense cal to get rid of gitmo. our enemies don't fear us. we have to put fear back into them. isis is proliferating everywhere. >> this would not be judged based on numbers. it will be judged years down the road long after president obama is out of office. i think people will stand up and take notice when or if one of these detainees is involved in an attack on u.s. soil because that's not unthinkable. i don't want to say out of sight, out of mind but i think that is -- we are due for a major wake-up call. i hope it doesn't happen, but it surely could. >> there is still a debate to let the remaining detainees there go or do something with
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them. if anyone is still in there, we must be acknowledging some way or form they are hardcore. >> right. off the top of my head, i don't know what the recidivism rate is coming out of u.s. prisons. maybe 30%. one thing about terrorists. this is a different animal than a criminal. this is someone, not just going to rob a bank and shoot somebody. this is someone who wants to -- there are no rules to what these guys wants to do. the notion we should treat them like some mob boss in the gambino crime family equate what that does what terrorism wants to do to this country is absurd. that's why you have gitmo. they deserve a special place, obviously a special place in hell. gitmo is not quite hell. the weather is nice there. >> the weather is nice we made gitmo a respectable place for terrorists to cool their heels. there is a big push president obama it's part of your legacy.
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you have two years left. this is one of your major promises. close this place down. >> that's right. let's get one thing out of the way quickly. gary said our enemies don't fear us. i think people who have been on the receiving ends of our drone attacks might disagree with you, gary. they do fear us. >> at that time they fear us. you have to acknowledge how many people are joining the fight with isis, how they are spreading. they really do not show -- look at the fighting in yemen. to say anyone out there who has this ideological bent toward destroying america has any fear of america. in my mind, it's i crazy. >> i totally disagree with you. it is a super complicated topic and has nothing to do with whether or not we keep gitmo open. as you know the reason that the president wants to close gitmo and not the only one, is that it's a very prickly subject for us. it's an extra legal situation. it's not consistent with the values of the united states. we have ways of fighting
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terrorists. let me finish. we have lots of ways of fighting terrorists and maintaining a prison on this weird military base in cuba is not one of them. >> i don't think it's that weird to isolate people that want to destroy this country. i will say this. he doesn't use that argument. he uses the argument if we have gitmo and if we use these enhanced interrogation techniques, i.e. torture somehow that will inflame intentions. i don't know if you can prove it to begin with. to say terrorists are pissed off at us because of gitmo and we might have waterboarded a couple of them sounds absurd. >> the president's also said the existence of gitmo is a recruiting post for terrorists. again i don't think anyone has been able to prove that. ultimately, it is about our safety and the safety of our allies. i feel comfortable the more people we have in there through
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a vetting pros the safer the world is. >> and it goes to the point what are our allies thinking? we hear rumblings from them. what the heck are we doing about all this? there is a couple of issues here. number one, the agreements we have with these other countries that we are sending these terrorists to aren't worth the paper it's printed on. they are going over there and two days later there is no travel ban and they are back into the mountains doing their thing. the other part of the equation is this. has 650 days left in office? he should show respect to the next president. >> you are counting the minutes, charles. >> there is an effort to whittle away at the detainees at gitmo. they traded five taliban leaders for a deserter. my favorite is some democrats floated the idea they want to close gitmo because they are worried about the cost of running it. since when are they worried
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about the cost of anything? >> we should be clear what president obama wants to do. he does think this sort of olive branch approach will work. same with the iran nuke deal. he thinks that company is much more secular than we give credit for. >> that is not fair. that is not what he said. that is not what he said. >> you can say what you think he means. >> no. he really does believe and people in the state department -- >> now you know what he believes? >> yeah. he believes -- listen read some of the stuff on this. iran, the population is young, that the population itself is much more secular than the people in power and that there will be a change. and the olive branch works. i'm giving him that benefit of the doubt. >> maybe the president saw the shahs of iran. realistically, you have to admit the president's approach are toward terrorists, people that
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hate america is really sort of i don't know if you call it odd compassion to suggest maybe these people are terrorists because they don't have economic opportunities. everything other than maybe it seeped into a religious ideology that can never be changed no matter what the circumstances. >> i don't agree. with iran, what he said was -- he is conducting diplomacy and we are going to have checks. that's the way these diplomatic arrangements work. i don't think we should operate on what he believes about what's in 2 the heart of the iranian people. he trying to solve -- hold on i'm not done. he is trying to solve a military situation. as far as the terrorist goes as i said our government, our pentagon, our defense department has been going around the world conducting air strikes against isis, killing terrorists with drone attacks which is controversial. >> even with those things, and when you look at it when they are audited, we had, how many
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was it? 75% of our sorties didn't launch weapons. we are afraid for whatever reason. we set targets and buildings and deliberately not hit where civilians are. suggesting this is a fight we are trying to win is not true. let me bring gary back in for a second. adam brought up diplomacy, diplomatic relationships. we don't have diplomatic relationships with isis with al qaeda. that does not exist. that's the president's game plan. it's faulty from the very beginning. >> you cannot play nice-nice with these guys. they want to maim, murder they execute and flaunt it day in and day out. >> who is they? >> excuse me for a second if they have the opportunity they would be over here today and they would do the same thing over here. it's the last thing we want. we've got to show great
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restraint. >> they are iran financing some of the terrorists and others financing some other terrorists. iran who we are trying to have diplomatic relations with. this is the bottom line. no no, no. >> hold it. i'm bringing dagen in. this guy in uganda was released in 2006. that 30% number ultimately could be 50%, 70%. we know we are releasing people that want to come back and harm us. that is stupid. >> the question everyone must answer is the u.s. safer with gitmo closed? with fewer detainees at that prison? the answer is no. period. over. >> obama would say yes. "forbes on fox" just about ready to go. david what's on deck? >> hi charles. iran supreme leaders say the white house is lying about the nuclear deal. here's the forbes flip side. some say that might not be the worse thing for our safety and economy. >> and how the corruption case of a democratic senator may save
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taxpayers billions. first up here next -- think nothing could top the search@?
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now back to "cavuto on business" right here on fox news. you thought last year's border surge was bad? a new report showing a number of young illegals crossing our border could make for another cruel summer. over 3,000 minors entering the united states in march alone.
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only a handful of them are being returned. the charlie on the bill that can't return to sender. >> this is a pretty blatant attempt from the obama administration basically to boost the democratic voting rolls. there is no rational reason why you send tons of kids across the border other than you want their parents to follow. you want amnesty and boost the rolls of democrats. anybody that knows anything about border control -- i'm not an expert but i talk to people. it's a mess down there. it's insane. >> but the idea is they are going to say it's centered around these kids. once here they can't be sent back and neither can their parents. we are flying in refugees from all over the world. it's crazy what's going on. >> with these particular illegal immigrants it's different than with mexican immigrants. someone comes over the border from mexico they can be sent back if they are young extremely
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quickly. not the case with illegal immigrants from places in central america, honduras, guatemala, el salvador. all the government has to change the rules to expedite deportation. roughly 2/3 of these young people who are supposed to show up for immigration deportation hearings, they just don't show up because they are released into the custody of relatives. >> we are putting them on planes and bringing some of them over here from different parts of the world. adam, i'm sure you think this is a humanitarian thing. doesn't it feel like we rolled out the red carpet? we are inviting more illegals into this country than dissuading them? >> i'm having trouble getting the image out of my mind charlie gave me of these democratic operatives going down to guatemala, saying i've got a great idea for you. >> you chuckled.
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>> that's what they do. >> new york city is moving to allow legal immigrants who are not citizens in this country in the city to vote in local elections. it's not unthinkable that is a way -- >> that is exactly their game plan. >> we have done interesting things like joint advertising with the mexican government about all the great welfare benefits in this country. it's not far fetched. you think it's the right thing to do though, right? >> i think 3,000 is given the scope of the problem is not a particularly large number. so yes i think we should treat illegal immigrants in as humane a way as possible. >> why can't we send them back? >> the problem is to paraphrase someone, 3,000 here 3,000 there, next thing you know you've got 14 million. >> well, there are studies by nonprofits that look at this that say it may be up to 40000.
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the big problem is the whole immigration policy of this administration entices more people to come over here. >> why is that, gary? think about why that is. there is no rational reason. we don't need the extra workers really. >> you name it. a better place to be. you have a lot of these -- >> they want democratic voters. >> you have -- they are taking advantage down in central america. you have these crime-ridden areas where parents are being told if their kids do not join the gang, the whole family is in trouble. guess what? they see we are advertising over there and they are coming this way. it's going to get worse and worse. >> it will get worse as you have this deportation amnesty the president is trying to push through. you don't really even know the knock-on effects in terms of the number of people who want to come to this country after that illegally. >> from a pure economic standpoint we don't need that many more unskilled workers.
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why is the obama administration, when he knows the economy is not doing so great advertising to bring all these folks here? there's got to be one reason only to boost the democratic voting rolls. >> let's give adam the last word. it would seem that it's a pretty obvious ploy. the democrats brag about this all the time. it's not so far fetched. >> i do feel like we are doing a greatest hits show as one of our favorite topics. we've been talking about it for years. i'll remind you because we talked about it so many times, president george w. bush tried and failed to get immigration reform done because the republicans and certain democrats wouldn't work with him. same thing is happening to president obama who is trying to solve this problem. that's what this is about. it's a political problem. >> executive orders -- >> he is creating the problem. >> they are not trying to keep out the central american juveniles coming into this
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company because they could make a quick change to deport them quickly. forget the white house push for free college leaving taxpayers on the
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tuition. the coffee giant offering eligible workers a free four-year online degree from arizona state university. this used to be a two-year degree. holy frappe this private market
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fix is better than government. >> she said that. >> like the old batman thing. >> do you ever use a word that isn't a bold george carlin expletive. no. what i said was not quite as time as that. it wasn't saturday morning language. i think this is terrific, because, one, you have a private company stepping in and saying, hey, if you work for us 20 hours or more we're going to fund your college degree. and it will also destigmatize an online education potentially. if you remove some of the supply from the lousy $200,000 four-year schools that will force these colleges to lower costs which they are fighting they don't want to do it. i just love the fact that starbucks is stepping up because i guarantee you a lot more companies follow suit. >> charlie, anything not to like about this? >> i don't trust these online degrees, i hate to say it. >> arizona state. it's a full bachelor's degree and the world is changing. >> okay. i hope so.
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>> i hope so but some guy gets a bachelor degree on his computer -- >> you're a hater. >> in between, you know -- >> adam -- >> it's not a degree. >> on surface it looks like the smart thing to do. starbucks may have their own issues once someone gets a college degree if they still want to be a barista, but as far as the rest of us are concerned, it's good we're not on the hook anymore. >> they don't even see that as a problem, right, because if someone doesn't want to be a barista anymore they have a great story to tell about the next person who wants to be a barista and get a college degree with their help. i don't see why we have to take this great story and bash the government, which is also trying to help people go to college. good for starbucks. >> because the government doesn't have their own money. they have our money, okay? >> i'm glad that we're helping. >> it's $1.3 trillion out there
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$800 billion of sit our obligation. >> i understand. >> real quick. >> kudos to howard schulz. not only do they make a great espresso but a but it's a great move, it promotes goodwill and it costs a lot more to hire somebody than to retain somebody. love what they're doing. there's no doubt in my mind other companies are going to follow. and yes, adam, the government has caused college tuition to go up markedly because of the guarantees they get for colleges. so colleges keep raising the price. >> all right guys. we'llley threat. thanks to charlie and degan. we had a lot of fun. worried about getting into the market? you're not alone. over half of americans are taking a pass on it. our pros though have picks that you do not need to fear.
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now the names you do not need to fear. gary k. >> car max. they just had gangbuster numbers, acting really well. i think it's got another 20%. and if the economy really slows they sell used cars.
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people more apt to go to used cars than new. >> and those prices have gone up. adam? >> the vanguard balanced index fund, charles. this is for people who just want the market with stocks and bonds. >> the cost of freedom continues with david on the place for business, fox. >> translator: the other party who is stubborn treacherous and hard to deal with and is known to be after trickery, after haggling, after stabbing others in the back. >> he's talk about us. that's not all. iran's supreme leader also accusing the white house of lying. he says sanctions need to be lifted as soon as any deal is signed and inspectors will not be allowed on military sites. that is contrary, by the way, to what the obama administration said when selling the plan. now some of you are saying this is great news for our safety and economy, but why? hi everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to


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